Improving Infrastructure at JAM-Supported ECD Centres

The objective of JAM SA’s ECD Makeover programme is to improve the infrastructure at JAM-supported ECD centres to create a healthy, safe learning environment for vulnerable children. The provision of educational toys and equipment also encourages the children’s complete development and preparation for formal school readiness. Also, the infrastructure upgrade helps the owner towards compliance with the official ECD standards so that they may one day receive government assistance via grants. Once the site preparation is complete, local donor staff members or international groups are then invited to the centre for a week to get involved in various tasks to complete the makeover.

Depending on the size of the makeover, these tasks may include: Painting the interior and exterior of the buildings, sanding, and painting the existing jungle gym and fence, or painting the new one, and planting a vegetable garden. Also, JAM SA, with the help of funding partners, can provide opportunities for teachers to upgrade their competencies in ECD education. This is done in partnership with various organisations, including Teacher Learning Centre (TLC) and Play with a Purpose in Gauteng, and Domino Foundation and Training and Resources in Early Education (TREE) in KZN. We will be extending the reach of this programme soon.

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