1984: The Beginning of the Journey

Following the Mozambican government’s plea to the international community for urgent humanitarian relief to help combat a famine that had placed nearly four million people at risk of starvation, Peter Pretorius was one of the first people to respond to this call. He visited Pambarra Village near Vilanculos, Inhambane Province, to see how he could contribute in the emergency. Peter was meant to be on the ground in Mozambique for a day and he was left there for 10 days with no food, water, or supplies. He witnessed death, despair, and misery in the deepness of poverty in that community. Up to 30 people died of starvation every day, leaving so many children orphaned.

This experience changed something in Peter and he and his wife Ann resolved to do something to alleviate the situation. JAM was born as a Nutritional Feeding relief-focused organisation. JAM’s first shipment from South Africa was 80 tons of supplies to Pambarra.